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As a marketeer you need to understand where you market is moving. You nurture the relationship with leads and customers. You keep a close eye on your competitors. You watch new technologies and innovative players that enter the market. Traditional reports are outdated by the time they are published.Data crunching is time consuming. The myriad of 3rd party data sources offer exactly the information you are looking for, but unfortunately it is hard to aggregate the data.

Here below you find a quick overview of how DataScouts helps to turn an excel list into a live stream of market information by automating the data workflow and connecting the most relevant data sources for your specific use case. By doing so, you stay informed and your database stays up to par. 

Demonstrator - Marketing Technology Space

I am a fan of ChiefMarTech ever since Scott Brinker started his blog in 2008. Over the past decade, technology has completely overhauled the metier of a marketeer. There is a tool for every aspect in the life of a marketeer from developing your marketing strategy, over managing the marketing mix, to building a remarkable customer experience. Marketing has undoubtedly become a technology-powered discipline.

The Marketing Technology landscape developed by Scott contains 7000+ different vendors. It is immensely difficult and time-consuming to keep up with the pace of change. We configured a DataScouts to visualise the MarTech ecosystem as a demonstrator of our technology for mapping a technology space.



View the geographical spread of Marketing Technology vendors across the global and zoom into specific countries or cities


List all the vendors and get a glimpse of who they are and what products and services they offer


Analyse some key metrics describing the Marketing Technology landscape and drill down to gain more insights

buzz feed

Explore the combined buzz feed of all Marketing Technology vendors into one buzz feed

Step 1: Define your market

As a marketeer you have a good understanding of your markt, the types of vendors and the categories of products and services they are offering. It should be fairly easy for you to define the labels and categories to classify all actors and provide a useful overview of your market.
As to the MarTech landscape, the classification is quite simple. There is a 2-tier classification with 6 main categories
  • Advertising & Promotion: 918 vendors divided over 7 subcategories, with Mobile Marketing being the largest subgroup.
  • Commerce & Sales: 1253 vendors divided over 6 subcategories
  • Content & Experience: 1751 vendors divided over 10 subcategories, of which 292 in Marketing Automation & Campaign/lead Management
  • Data: 1110 companies divided in 9 subcategories of which Business/Customer Intelligence & Data Science leads with 234 vendors
  • Management: the smallest segment with 459 vendors over 7 subcategories
  • Social & Relationships: 1651 vendors split over 10 subcategories of which Social Media Marketing & Monitoring is the largest with 334 companies
For the Marketing Technology landscape, we used a standard list of company types, target industries and emerging technologies. DataScouts allows to adapt the depth of the classification to your specific use case.

Step 2: Upload, enrich and visualise your list of relevant actors

Prepare you list of companies to be uploaded. The minimum information needed is a company name and a URL. We recommend to add the base classification as to step 1: type of company, category & subcategory. The excel-file of the Marketing Technology Landscape is a great example of what you need to get started.
While uploading the list, DataScouts starts automatically building profiles of the vendors. DataScouts automatically collects 3rd party data from providers you selected from our data catalogue. For this exercise, DataScouts aggregated data from Google, ClearBit, Crunchbase, Alexa, AHREFS, wikipedia, Open Corporates, national company registries, the public website of the vendor, collected news feeds from ChiefMarTech, Martechseries, Martechcube, Martechtoday, Marketingland and social media feeds from Twitter.


We are always looking to extend our data catalogue with 3rd party data sources. If you have relevant data that would help our customer stay ahead of competition, let’s talk!

Step 3: Clean up the duplicates and zombies in your database

Running a cocktail of heuristics and machine learning algorithms, DataScouts brings order to the massive amount of company information:
  • suggesting the most suitable classification
  • highlighting potential duplicate actors
  • identifying actors with no recent online activities.
The end result is a pretty clean, augmented database of relevant vendors, key opinion leaders and enablers. Bottom up analytics turns the wide range of data points in insightful interactive graphics and dashboards.

Step 4: Establish a continuous stream of market information

Once you have established the relevant actors in your ecosystem, you are set up to continuously monitor the public whereabouts of all the vendors in your technology landscape.
Stay informed about
  • news articles and publications
  • patent filings
  • funding, mergers & acquisitions
  • vacancies
  • event attendance 

Step 5: Invite stakeholders to contribute

Whereas technology is a great aid to automate the data workflow, human interactions brings the finishing touch. Publishing the landscape, allows to invite stakeholders to contribute to building collective intelligence.

  • Register
  • Claim and update your company to ensure your company is properly represented 
  • Add your company to the landscape



Have a look at the interactive map of the 7000+ vendors, built and maintained by the chiefmartech team over the last decade.


Register, claim & update or create your own company profile. Use the announcements to share relevant information helping the chiefmartech team upgrade the Marketing Technology Landscape.

Martech Landscape 2020 submission

Have a suggestion for a company that should be included in this year's landscape? Have an edit to suggest for an existing company? Fill out the submission form to let the chiefmartech team know.

Eager to learn more about DataScouts and how a collaborative platform can help you map, involve and engage stakeholders in building a shared knowledge base?

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