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The Belgian Tech Startup Ecosystem is evolving rapidly. Startupsbe, as the one-stop-shop for Belgian tech entrepreneurship, unites startups with incubators & accelerators, startup communities, investors, entrepreneurial experts and public agencies.

The mapping of the startup ecosystem provides an interactive visualization of all involved actors and their interconnectedness. The Ecosystem Analytics helps to monitor the heartbeat of the Belgian Tech Startup ecosystem. An accurate view of the trends and evolutions of the startup ecosystem allows to provide entrepreneurs access to appropriate instruments, programs, and activities throughout Belgium, to develop win-win relationships between the different stakeholders in the startup ecosystem and last but not least provide the #BeTech startups with a voice that resonates at all policy levels.

Belgian Tech Startup Ecosystem

The Belgian tech startup ecosystem is a fast moving and rapidly maturing ecosystem. By implementing the DataScouts Ecosystem Intelligence Platform, aims to capture and visualize the evolution of most of the tech companies founded in Belgium over the last decades, to monitor their growth and provide insights in how they are connected to enablers and investors facilitating them throughout the different stages of their venture. is collecting information about:

  • Products and solutions the startups are developing
  • The founding team and their track record in building scalable startups
  • Startup’s go-to-market strategy, the main channel and the geographical reach
  • The industry or business activities the startup aims to disrupt or streamline
  • The location of the startups and how they are embedded in their local ecosystem
  • Technologies startups are adopting and the IPR they own
  • Accelerators, universities and research institutes that enable the incubation of the startups
  • The investors who are fueling the startups’ growth

The capability to handle scarcity of time, resources and money while validating product market fit and running against time to market describes the daily endeavours of an entrepreneur. aims to provide entrepreneurs at each stage of their development with the appropriate keys to unlock the resources available in the startup ecosystem and provide access to experts, customers and funding. Entrepeneurs are invited to register to and contribute to building collective knowledge about the drivers and enablers for startup success in Belgium.

Challenges & goals is the central organization for Belgian tech entrepreneurs with a global ambition. They help startups by providing easy and qualitative access to investors, customers and experts. connects the dots in the BeTech startup ecosystem. Additionally, they are the voice of the startups in Belgium, looking to foster the startup culture with a neutral and inclusive approach and a national and international reach.’s main goal is to foster the Belgian startup culture, reflected by their work towards a more startup-friendly environment in Belgium. They provide startups with a voice that resonates at all policy levels, always aiming at meaningful and tangible results. Moreover, at an international level, fuels connections with key stakeholders and is a recognized change-maker among the organisations that are shaping the global tech ecosystem.

Ecosystem Intelligence

Using DataScouts to gain ecosystem intelligence of the BeTech startup ecosystem, allows to uncover the top locations for startups in Belgium, the most promising corporates ready to buy from startups, the enabling relationships between the startups and academia, accelerators and service providers, the funding capabilities within and surrounding the ecosystem, and so on.

DataScouts supports in capturing and aggregating data from multiple sources, to visualize and explore the stakeholders and in developing collective intelligence. Actionable ecosystem insights enable to support the growing startup trend of the last 10 years and to build the fastest growing tech industry segment in Belgium!

Start exploring this open ecosystem and discover an interesting startup in Belgium for you. You can filter on cities and find for example all the startups in Gent or Brussels or look at some key analytics of this startup ecosystem.

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