Vaud Digital: the innovation ecosystem in the canton of Vaud (CH)

How InnoVaud brought the key innovators in the canton of Vaud together.

InnoVaud is the innovation agency of the canton of Vaud, Switzerland. This region is one of the country’s main centers for research and innovation. It is also one of the wealthiest regions in the world.

Innovaud’s mission is to help innovative startups, scale-ups and SMEs realize their potential by putting them in touch with the right people and organizations, through financing, coaching, promotion, hosting or networking (Innovaud organizes or co-organizes over 40 entrepreneurship events per year in Switzerland and abroad). Innovaud prioritizes support for businesses in the fields of life sciences, precision engineering, cleantech as well as information and communication technology (ICT).

In 2018, Innovaud co-organized a study with the canton of Vaud’s economy and innovation promotion authorities about the readiness of local companies with regards to digitalization, a topic that Vaud’s politicians have put at the heart of their agendas for the coming years. One concrete takeaway of this study was that there was a need to regroup and connect the companies and labs developing digital technologies into a sole platform. The members of the platform form a community of Ambassadors representing Vaud’s excellence in digital technologies across many industries.


  • How to provide visibility to the companies and labs developing novel digital technologies in the canton of Vaud, and connect them to each other?
  • How to regroup Vaud’s digital players to facilitate new collaborations between startups, scale-ups, SMEs, large companies and academia?
  • To go beyond the physical matchmaking via its many events organized every year, Innovaud wanted to add a digital aspect to its services. How to use their knowledge and data about companies to create a compelling and dynamic directory of Vaud’s digital players?
  • How to boost and promote Vaud’s innovation ecosystem to Swiss and international stakeholders and investors?


Using the DataScouts platform, Innovaud created a public and dynamic directory of 400 key digital players in the canton of Vaud, Switzerland. The SAAS platform and its high level of customization helped Innovaud to meet the project’s objectives.

The platform is publicly available. Yet due to a number of settings, Innovaud never loses control over the data and information. To keep the company data up to date and be sure the ecosystem is complete, Innovaud can count on the collective intelligence of their community. Innovaud is also able to curate the new entities willing to appear on Guidelines and entry criteria have therefore been put together to complete the service.  

Innovaud using DataScouts platform to create a directory of digital players.


After 4 months of intense work and a fruitful collaboration with DataScout, Innovaud was able to launch its own ecosystem in April 2018. counts 400 entities today (startups, SMEs, large companies and labs) which are regrouped under a specific taxonomy and branding: 18 digital technologies and 28 different industries are represented.

Nearly a year after launch, has become a living and popular platform used in Switzerland but also abroad to promote Vaud’s expertise in the field of digital. New functionalities such as an announcement board helps share and interact with the community. Trends and insights related to the community members also support the promotion of what is buzzing in the dense et ultra connected Vaud entrepreneurial ecosystem. 

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