Case: Teamleader

Finding new markets in a data-driven way!

Teamleader is a Ghent-based SAAS company that was founded in 2012. They provide an all-in-one solution for Online CRM, Project management and Invoicing. Their ultimate goal is to help European SMEs work smarter.

After taking the Benelux by storm, they were looking for new markets. But choosing those new markets required thorough, data-driven analysis of pro's, cons and competitors. And that's where Datascouts came in..

Find out how Teamleader & DataScouts worked together to solve this problem.


  • As a fast-growing company, Teamleader did not need to monitor Belgian competitors. In other markets there was already more competition.
  • What are interesting markets to move to? How competitive are these markets?
  • Data about competitors is static and quickly becomes obsolete, different sources give a conflictive view.
  • How do you categorize competitors? And do they pose the same threat?



By automatically collecting and enriching competitor information and at the same time adding the tools to collect company-wide feedback and knowledge about the companies, Teamleader manages to create complete and up-to-date competitive profiles.

With the segmentation of different types of competitors and countries, Teamleader can discover the attractiveness of their current markets and compare it with possible future markets.  

Systematically tracking and calculating different scores and metrics, allows them to see how every competitors is growing and how competitive they are. Collecting this information in different rankings, gives insights in the evolution of their competitive landscape.


Today, Teamleader is tracking over 500 competitors worldwide on a daily basis. Their own Teamleader CRM is linked with their DataScouts platform. This shows them when a competitor is mentioned by a customer and rates competitors in terms of relevance.

By using DataScouts, combined with the feedback of their clients, they are able to categorize these competitors. This allows them to keep an eye on their own position in the market and their growth compared to their competitors. By doing this systematically, they stay up to date on competitor's insights and stay a front runner on their local markets  

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