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Roche¬†Diabetes Care is a leading provider of blood glucose monitoring systems. With more than 40 years experience, Roche Diabetes Care’s number one goal is to help people living with diabetes track and manage their blood sugar so they may have better control of their health.


Roche Diabetes Care uses its DataScouts platform to gather and keep track of information and news about companies around the world that provide innovative solutions for everything related to diabetes. The platform is used by the innovation team as a central repository, for tracking their interactions with digital health startups, connecting internal and external information. The central innovation watching platform is used across multiple divisions and countries.

"DataScouts is great as our one central platform for external players. It's basically our Yellow Pages for digital health"


Knowledge sharing in organizations is never easy. The bigger an organization gets, the harder it becomes. Global companies are especially in need for structures that increase information sharing and improve cross-border collaboration. Roche Diabetes Care uses the DataScouts platform as its knowledge sharing tool.

The combination of detailed actor profiles automatically enriched with (open) data, create clear and easy-to-use reports per actor, and the opportunity to quickly curate information, made DataScouts the right partner for Roche Diabetes Care.


But there is more. Not only are they using DataScouts for their knowledge sharing, but also for various visualizations of their data: Different Diabetes Solutions are sketched in a map, social buzz is illustrated in the ecosystem and the entire screening lifecycle is demonstrated via the Funnel.

This way, Roche Diabetes Care can easily analyze how the different startups in the ecosystem evolve to collaborations, find other partners or which ones are not suitable after all.

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