learn how our AI-BASED PLATFORM helps you Stay a front runner in your business with up-to-date market insights

Market Exploration & Monitoring

Leverage data from structured and unstructured data sources and build-in Machine Learning capabilities to build and tap in Collective Intelligence for use case-specific market & competitive intelligence.  


A thorough market scan to sharpen your situational awareness about existing and emerging actors in the ecosystem

DataScouts Exploration
  • Which consumer, market and industry trends are impacting your business?
  • Who are the existing and newly emerging actors in the industry?
  • What are the business models and go-to-market approach of competitors?


AI-enabled Market & Competitive Intelligence Platform to systematically map and monitor stakeholders, innovations, market & technology trends 

DataScouts - Market & Competitive Intelligence
  • What are the key dynamics and the major developments in your industry?
  • How are competitors evolving? Are they expanding into new markets?
  • Who are the dealmakers in your ecosystem? 
  • How is technology changing your industry


Get access to a catalog of data sources and news outlets to gather the information that is relevant to your specific use case.

Automate workflow for continuous market research and monitoring
  • How to create a collective platform to solve business challenges? 
  • How can we join forces with other industry players?
  • How to create a network and establish new partnerships.
  • How to digitally transform?

DataScouts platform provides a workflow to gather, score and rank opportunities, relevant use cases, future scenarios, and innovative business models.

Discover market trends and stakeholders linked to specific business challenges or use cases

Powerful data scouting tool to discover and fetch every bit of information you need to build your market and competitive intelligence.

Save your precious time as DataScouts does the labour-intensive work

AI-powered insights extracted from unstructured data by filtering out noise and other irrelevent content. Automated mapping, profiling and continuous monitoring of relevant stakeholders and entities

Filter data as per your needs

Drill down on the information you need by using our filters that sort data based on a company domain, size, location, funding, goals, and much more.

Smart and automated data aggregation

Automate the data gathering process and strive towards collective intelligence.
The platform collects, unifies, enriches, and aggregates data from multiple sources and uses powerful tools to build Market and Competitive Intelligence. 



Easily import existing lists of relevant stakeholders via a dynamic google spreadsheet. Automatic de-duplication, and zombie-alerts. Enrichment based upon unique identifiers, such as website and social handles. 


Every business is unique, and so is the wording you use. Define your use case specific taxonomy describing your target industry, emerging technologies, specific activities, application domains and skills. 


DataScouts has an API-first architecture. Our goal is to easily connect all 3rd party data sources, tools and applications to provide an optimal data workflow.


DataScouts offers automated workflow for gathering information from multiple data sources and for unifying data along pre-set formats. Improve data quality, without losing control over your data.


DataScouts enables enrichment with 3rd party data bases, completing each company profile with registry information, investor information, digital metrics, publications, patents, vacancies, and enabling connections.


DataScouts extracts relevant information from websites, social media or articles. Using natural language processing, DataScouts suggests most relevant classification.

A secure and enterprise ready SaaS platform

DataScouts’ architecture is flexible, secure and easy-to-connect while meeting the most demanding B2B enterprise software standards. Learn how we use the latest technology while adhering to strict security standards and making data protection a priority.


Fully encrypted: TLS, SSL, HTTPS only. We perform pen tests on a regular basis.


Safe authentication and user management allowing users to log-in securely: OAuth 2, MFA, and others upon request.


DataScouts has an API-first architecture. Our goal is to easily connect all 3rd party data sources, tools and applications to provide an optimal data workflow.

Service-Level Agreement (SLA)

Highest SLA to comply with the most demanding B2B software standards on the market.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

GDPR compliant data processing activities, no data transfer outside of the EU, encryption and high data safety standards, etc.

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

Defined user roles (Owner, Team Member, Ecosystem Member, Portfolio Member, Visitor), with strict authentication to ensure role-based access control, data protection and knowledge sharing.

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