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The city of Ghent encourages makers to engage and promote the creative ecosystem in Ghent/ East Flanders. Ministry of Makers (MoM) invited DataScouts to co-create an online makers platform that inspires, supports, and enables matchmaking in the creative sector. 

Research and field experience show that it is not that easy to contact fab labs and maker spaces, find detailed information about equipment and availability or to reach out to makers and artists. Companies, institutes as well as individuals would like to know “Who does what? Which equipment is available? And can I temporarily borrow/rent a room or machine?”. The information is not available or it is incomplete, resulting in missed opportunities. 

Ministry of Makers (MoM) wants users to get inspired by local actors in the creative industry, to explore local  makers, maker spaces, fab labs, educational & training institutions, musea, etc. A digital makers platform offers the opportunity to find experts, places, equipment in a quick and efficient way. A collaborative platform encourages stakeholders to active contribute and engage in collaboration. 

DataScouts offers a plug-and-play solution for ecosystem builders. It is just a matter of configuration to set up the collaborative platform, to define roles and permissions and to tailor the labels, dashboards and emails to the specific use case. 

Co-creation session Ministry of Makers
Co-creation session discussing needs and expections of a collaborative platform to present the local creative ecosystem and support knowledge sharing and cross-disciplinary collaboration



We organized a series of workshops with target users to test the beta version of the digital makers platform, an “out-of-the-box” configuration of DataScouts. The workshops with the stakeholders gave great insights about the information needs and expectations from all involved parties. 

In the first place, they wanted to make it easier for people to walk in a ‘creative lab’ in the neighbourhood. The long term ambition is to provide a platform to share knowledge, to provide access to space and equipment. The ultimate goal is give local & cross-sectoral entrepreneurship a real push.


The Makers Platform was successfully launched in the fall of 2019. 

The Ministry of Makers and the City of Ghent invite creative companies and individuals to join the continuously growing maker community. The creative ecosystem of the city of Ghent and the surrounding region are looking forward to attract new initiatives and boost cross-disciplinary collaboration. Join the Makers Platform

Makerplatform - Message Board

Keep an eye on the Makersplatform. there’s a lot on the program!

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