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Strengthen your strategIC AGILITY

About the Ebook

Start making data driven decisions and find partners, customers and innovative ways to create value for your company, without the cost and fear of outdated information. 

The concepts in this eBook are a working guide for how to approach the overwhelming task of taking in new information and turning it into a competitive and situational  intelligence that works for your business

Each business has a chance to be a front runner, why not you? Whether it is the fear of missing out, not knowing which data to use or where to look, or when to use that intelligence for strategic purposes, this book is here to put your mind at ease and encourage you to explore your potential as a modern business owner and innovator.

How our customers developed strategic agility

“DataScouts allowed us to map the Belgian & European startup ecosystem and gain a deeper understanding of the underlying dynamics, benchmark different communities and measure the impact of our activities in a reliable way.”

Karen Boers - ESN

Karen Boers


“DataScouts is great as our one central platform for external players. It’s basically our Yellow Pages for digital health”

Karolina Korth - Roche

Karolina Korth


“Datascouts helps us, our members and the community at large in presenting a more up to date and accurate representation of the Cybersecurity ecosystem.”

Ulrich - LSEC



DataScouts is a business context analysis tool, helping companies to increase their situational awareness and develop strategic agility.

DataScouts generates a  real-time information feed on existing and potential competitors by systematically harvesting and aggregating structured and unstructured data about companies, market trends and emerging technologies.

The competitive insights are developed, by enhancing machine generated insights with the collective intelligence of experts.

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