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Ellie Connect

Ariadne Innovation is a startup company founded in August 2020 by Julie Lietaer a seasoned entrepreneur and co-CEO of ESG, European Spinning Group, with the ambition to bring digital solutions for more sustainable textile & fashion industry. Ariadne Innovation wants to break the gap between technology and textile industry. 


The digital ecosystem, developed by DataScouts for Ariadne, Ellie.Connect, aims to inspire, inform, connect players from the industry on the topic of sustainable textiles.

Producers, brands, retailers, buyers, and network organizations find the information and the connections needed to facilitate the development, production, and go to market of sustainable textile products.

Ellie.Connect welcomes partners who are either at the beginning or already well on their way towards being a sustainability pioneer.

Julie Lietaer, CEO of Ariadne Innovation states that;

“However, what we noticed during the covid situation, a lot of parts of the ecosystem were disconnected and we wanted to support the industry by building up a solution not so time-consuming and bring some coherence in data intelligence to support this kind of decision making. This is how I connected to DataScouts in September 2020 and we started analyzing the ecosystem and how can we bring partners together and how DataScouts can support. The final platform was the live beginning of December, it was very efficient”

Ellie Connect

Why choosing datascouts?

Julie Lietaer added that;

We developed this project together in cocreation, that was a very good partnership
WE CONNECT DATA was our technological partner; Cocreation was a very relevant process because the moment we launch I felt confortable in bringing up to the market even I was not a technology expert. We want to inspire new players and different industry to make use of it, I believe in the value of making use of A.I in a very practical way, it not technology for technology, it is a technology for business usage and I feel that Datascouts captured that and it is a big strength.

Core Features


In the Ellie.Connect platform, you can make search in database for actors, products, content (news articles) and challenges. If you can’t find what they are looking for, you can create your own challenge or add your product/company.

You can also search via the individual actors, products and challenges pages accessible on the top. You can use the different filters to finetune your search.

Actor profıle

product page


On the message board, you can find Ellie.Connect virtual showroom where you can discover new companies from the ecosystem

Here you can also find the updates on events, new

secure onlıne payment

You can select different plans, and change anytime you want. You can also view and download your invoices from the platform. You can make the payments online and secure.

user management &
onlıne ınvoıcıng

Owners can manage the users of the platform, engage with their members via chat box, customized emails and challenges, while users can manage their invoices, payments, owners can invoice their clients quickly.

Future of the platform

Ariadne Innovation is targeting to get as many users as possible in the short term to build a strong and relevant community. Ariadne Innovation wants to expand in Europe in the future and worldwide. Next to the business development, they would like to optimize the product and develop feature drive to the same ambition: digital companion of the textile industry which is Ellie.

Julie Lietaer states; 

It was a very positive experiencewe shared the same ambition, it was very successful cooperation. You were able to finalize within the deadline. Let’s do a great thing together! 

Ellie Connect

Let's drive this change together

By registering, you become a member of a growing network of players who share the engagement to become more sustainable.

With Ellie.Connect, we offer you our commitment to fully support you in your sustainability efforts.

We fully believe in the strength of cooperation, cross-industry, to achieve positive synergies that generate real impact.

These synergies are our most important metric, we are not here to hand out certificates, we are here to drive the change in the industry, step by step, all together and start something special.

Ecosystems and platforms enable greater collaboration and fuel new business models. DataScouts, the world’s first Ecosystem Mapping & Monitoring tool, is used by a growing group of partners to advise and consult large and small organizations on how to implement ecosystem thinking.

Enabling sustainable growth through collaboration is at the heart of what we do. We provide evidence of mutually beneficial partnerships by mapping key stakeholders, identifying relationships, and monitoring the dynamics of an ecosystem.

Ellie Connect


When you see these benefits, you want to better understand the ecosystem you are part of.

That’s where we can help you. DataScouts provides a platform in which you can create a business ecosystem map, monitor your value network, and be aware of what happens in your ecosystem, the trends in your sector, and the achievements of peers. 

If you want to learn about ecosystems, check our latest blog post about Digital Business Ecosystems. 

The DataScouts platform combines public data, own private data, and extra content that is relevant to the specific use case. Without any problem, you can visualize tons of information in no time.

Contact us and create your own ecosystem today!

For more information about Ariadne Innovation, contact Florence Lootens, the operations and business development manager of Ariadne Innovation.


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Prefer to contact a human being? Contact us at natan.debie@datascouts.eu