SUPERNOVA '18: MERLUNO, glickman and DataScouts JOINED FORCEs.

Our modern-day society has entered the next phase of the technological revolution. Technology enables new ways of living, working and consuming, making companies face numerous challenges. The continuous amassment of data and information creates new opportunities for companies to cope with those challenges.

Datascouts, Merluno and Glickman created a joint event experience with the straight forward belief that collective intelligence drives business growth. 

The all-knowing customer perceives companies completely different than a decade ago. Expectations change at a very fast pace. New tech companies and scale-ups push ahead to reach their potential. These transformations put pressure on growth in all industries, once perceived as invincible. Managers fear that the growth they aspire, with the methods they are used to, are not secure in the changing ecosystems they are part of. This changing business reality, however, creates lots of cultural and commercial opportunities! Existential questions compel companies to rethink how they can create value for their markets.


DataScouts is an AI-enabled market & competitive intelligence platform, helping strategic marketeers and business developers to systematically map their business ecosystem, to profile and score organisations, people, events and communities that are relevant to their business. DataScouts enables their customers to stay front-runners in their business by providing them with the means to spot market trends, relevant innovations, influential deal makers and key influencers within their competitive markets.

Merluno connects organizations to their big why and helps to establish real growth through market development services. Their unique holistic approach enables companies to capture the tensions and the potential within their market readiness, value proposition and organizational culture. Once clarified, they draw up guidelines in a plan and help customers cultivate their leadership and markets. Get inspired at booth 2.4- 2.5, feel the company culture and go talk to their customers amongst the other exhibitors

Glickman delivers increased Customer Lifetime Value. We use customer data to drastically improve the ‘get’, ‘keep’ and ‘increase’ of prospects and customers, with larger revenue streams and a better customer relation as a result. We turn data into insights and actions such as : – developing lookalike profiles of ideal prospects and helping to find them. / identifying clients at risk and predicting churn in order to optimize retention / clarifying cross & upselling opportunities to make the right offer to the right customer at the right time via the right channel.

Let’s keep visionary leadership simple: know who you really are and what you long for, see things early and connect the dots.