Outside In research describes the process of gathering data from the company's external environment like online sources - news websites, company websites, secondary data sources, social media, RSS feeds, etc. The purpose of incorporating Market Information or intelligence into the Business Intelligence process is to provide decision-makers with a more “complete picture” of ongoing corporate performance in a set of given market conditions.

Within DataScouts you can setup a tailored stream of relevant content to monitor your market, your ecosystem and the actors in your ecosystem.

  • RSS feeds, i.e. automatically retrieve the latest news feeds of relevant actors via their RSS feed
  • Social Media listening, i.e. automatically harvest all the tweets of all actors you have listed
  • News Monitoring, i.e. collect articles about the topics that are relevant to your business environment
  • Watch out for new patent publications & vacancies


First of all, define the topics that are relevant for your to monitor. Once you have created the list of concepts you like to be informed about, you can set up the content stream, collecting articles from 70k+ news outlets mentioning the concepts and key words that matter to your business.

 Set your exploration topics:

    1. Go to “Configuration” > “Exploration Topics”

    2. Click ‘Add Topic’ and give your topic a name that best describes the content your are looking for

    3. Select a set of keywords related to the topics you want to search on (max. 20)

    4. Define the keywords that are not relevant in order to exclude articles that contain those “negative” topics (max. 10)

    5. Don’t forget to click ‘save changes’

Next, start the news monitoring

    1. Go to “Configuration” > “Sources” > “News Monitor”

    2. Click ‘Add new search’ and choose a theme you want to search for. Next, include (one of) your topics.

    3. Additionally, you can add a description and search for news in specific regions.

    4. Click on Explore.

    5. You get a message showing you how many articles were found.

All retrieved articles are gathered in the Knowledge base. The last news articles are published on the homepage. 

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