Aggregate, unify & clean your data

Data aggregation is a vital part of DataScouts, which allows to connect different data sources providing information which is relevant to the ecosystem, e.g., about the companies in portfolio, the agenda of relevant events and programs in the ecosystem.

Next to privately owned data, DataScouts offers the capability to enrich own data sources with external data sources (e.g., open data, social data, external data providers).

By aggregating the data, an ecosystem owner is able to build the most relevant and accurate information on his or her ecosystem, while significantly reducing data crunching effort.

Aggregate & Enrich

Collecting and validating all relevant ecosystem data is a tedious and time consuming task. DataScouts allows to aggregate internal and external data sources and to enrich the database with 3rd party data:

  • Easily enrich your data automatically via API.
  • Integrate data from structured data sources (e.g., company directories, CRM).
  • Integrate data from unstructured data sources (e.g., reports / news).
  • Connect data sources from external data providers to further enrich your business ecosystem datahub.
  • Add news- and social media streams of your ecosystem’s actors to stay up to date on their latest activities.

Aggregating all different data sources, allows to collect the most accurate and relevant ecosystem data providing ecosystem owners with the best ecosystem intelligence.

Data Sources

Open data and other external data sources are encouraged to add to your ecosystem database, as it is the key to ecosystem intelligence. We offer several pre set open data sources (e.g., KBO & NBB data), but DataScouts is not restricted to only our pre set open data sources, as we continuously add new open data sources based on your input. Moreover, we also offer the capability to link data from our public ecosystems to your ecosystem. For more structured and complete financial and employee company data, DataScouts also offers the capability to link external data sources which can be added on request.


When building quasi real time databases by aggregating data from multiple sources, it is crucial to know at any time where the latest data comes from and why certain data fields were updated or not. When aggregating data from multiple sources, we have to cope with the fact that different sources can provide contradicting values.

DataScouts takes care of smartly aggregating data from multiple sources by taking data provenance seriously. Data provenance embraces a range of features to keep track of the history of each data field, including the sources and the proposed values, to spot conflicts, to accept valid adjustments and reject outdated data, to auto-complete and clean where appropriate. The provenance saves precious time and headaches for business owners trying to stay on top of their data housekeeping.

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