Improved new filter functionality

Creating an overview of everything that happens in your ecosystem is complex. A lot of information is needed, but this will also lead to a high level of complexity. There are many dimensions and criteria to reflect all the actors in a useful way. And if you want to get the big picture, you do need to understand the details.. A selection of companies in a certain industry, using some new technologies and/or located in a certain area.

With the new filters on DataScouts, it is easier than ever.


The filters are designed to be really intuitive. Depending on your settings you can filter on different values like category, domain, technology, industry,…  Besides dropdown filters, you can always search for keywords, locations or tags in the search bar.

You can show or hide the filters with  (the filter button).

Below the filters, the current legend is shown. Owners can change the legend and immediately see a different result on the directory.

Once you made a selection you can use it on the different dashboards.

all actor types into one directory

A couple of months ago we got the question, to develop different actor types, as in some ecosystems, legal entities are only (a small) part of the network. At the time we split them into different directories. However, to really see a network, it makes more sense to combine them into one overview. Now you can see everyone on the same map, while at the same time you can still filter them out.

This also impacts the portfolios as it allows you to create portfolio’s with people, companies and communities instead of only legal entities.

Create a selection and save it

Once you have that special selection of actors, you don’t want to lose it. Instead of reselecting all the filters , you can now save it as a portfolio in a moment, by clicking on the pencil button in the bottom corner.



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