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Our in-house analysts help you gain instant insights in your market, your competitive situation or you business ecosystem.  They work closely with you and your team to understand your information needs, conduct the required analysis and translate the outcome into data-driven insights. Working with our in-house consultants is a perfect choice for teams that are too occupied or that lack the workforce to conduct market research by themselves.

Conduct a Market Scan

We help you scout, connect and leverage (f)actual data to gain instant insights, build situational awareness and thus increase your strategic agility. 


Map the business landscape and identify relevant players for your specific use case. Explore market, industry and technology trends based upon a wide range of articles and publications.


Map the competitive landscape. Get an overview of the market readiness, trends and emerging technologies based upon the voice of key opinion leaders, trending topics, events, news, publications and reports.


Map the value chain and provide an overview of relevant parties and how they interrelate. Conduct continuous research to uncover early signals and external triggers to identify business opportunities ahead of your market.

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Let’s not lose precious time. We are looking forward to hearing from you and find out how we can help you. Besides our standard research formats, we are more than happy to help you scout for relevant data sources and help you optimise your market research workflow.

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Prefer to contact a human being? Contact us at

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Prefer to contact a human being? Contact us at