New data sources for Innovation Scouting

Companies can grow market share in a sustainable way and be more successful in the long run when they invest in their capability to spot trends early. Especially in times where innovation is happening faster and missing out is more expensive than ever, competitive intelligence allows companies to build strategic agility.

DataScouts provides a collaborative workflow to systematically collect information about relevant innovative solutions inside and outside your industry. It helps you streamline the data collection process to help you spot new opportunities, relevant cases, future scenarios, and innovative business models, and of course the innovation scouting process.

Patent publications

The number of patents owned by an enterprise has often been used as one of the main indicators for determining innovation intensity of that enterprise. In addition, patents are also used as a measure of output of innovation. Therefor we added the patent publications to our data catalogue and provide an additional piece of valuable information in assessing technology providers.

DataScouts displays

  • the total number of patent publications and the evolution over years;
  • an overview of the latest patents publications for each company you are monitoring. 

The analytics page provides you the aggregated view, combining all patent applications for all companies in a selected portfolio or the ecosystem as a whole. Moreover you can filter for companies which have recently published patents, by using the advanced filter search. Having an overview of patent publications helps to further develop or improve the innovation scouting process. 

A central repository for your data

By using DataScouts you collect a lot of information about the organizations that matter to your business. Besides the automatically updated company profiles, you tap into a real-time information stream of articles, publications, tweets, fora posts etc. Additionally you add your private notes, add all kind of files and eventually a personal assessment of the companies you are screening.

This continuous information flow contains valuable market and competitive insights. Although the information is served when it is fresh, as real-time as possible, you might want to dig deeper when you start analysing certain market trends.

That’s why we built the knowledge base, a central repository for all information collected in your DataScouts environment including

  • All Announcements
  • All uploaded images, files, videos, in short, all resources collected and shared on the platform
  • All articles from the aggregated news feed for your ecosystem

Via the search engine of the knowledge base, you can filter all those resources by using free text search as well as tags. You can drill down by using filters based on the taxonomy of the platform.

DataScouts helps to build collective intelligence, stored in a central knowledge base, combining relevant company information as well as relevant pieces of information so you have access to all relevant information to scout for innovation and about your market and your competitors whenever you need it. 

Eager to learn more about our solutions for data scouting, innovation watching, ecosystem mapping, market monitoring and continuous market research.

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