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Collaboration is the new competition, and it is a topic we at DataScouts find most interesting. Creating collective intelligence between (remote) members of the same company or between members in an ecosystem, can only happen when everyone has access to your platform.

To make sure you can combine the knowledge and strength of your entire team, this month’s update contains new and improved ways to get team members (both inside and outside of your company), started on the ecosystem.

collaboration in a private setting

Everyone on your team has knowledge about your competitors. The difficulty is in capturing all this data and intelligence in an easy way.

On your DataScouts platform, there are multiple ways to get them together.

  • Invite users on your platform with different levels of access.
  • Create a magic link, to give members from your company easy access to the platform.
  • Allow users to sign up to the platform,  only giving them access after you have curated them.


Collaboration between people is the essence of doing business. Establishing and developing collaborative ecosystems can be done with customers, the extended workforce and partners, which then enables companies to gain agility, access to a wealth of information and the capability to tap into new business opportunities.

In order to stimulate match making and knowledge exchange between actors, it is now possible for each actor in a public ecosystem to make their contact details (email and/or phone) publicly available.


Registered DataScouts users can make the profile of their company, collaboration or project a shared profile by inviting other DataScouts users as contributors to the profile. This allows business owners to share the profile with marketeers and business developers to keep their company profile up to date. It enables project teams and consortium members to invite their partners to contribute to the project page and project reporting.


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