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Knowledge sharing webinar with Forward Fooding

To offer you more insights and examples of how you can use DataScouts as a data intelligence platform or data intelligence enabler we would like to start with bi-monthly knowledge webinars. In these webinars, we will share some tips and tricks. This allows all of us to learn one from each other. All participants of the webinar are clusters-organizations, as we call them. We have industry clusters, geographic clusters, and tech clusters. Every time one of the organizations will be in the spotlight and get the chance to share knowledge with others.
We will kick off with Forward Fooding, they will tell us more about how they tackle the FoodTech industry and about their recent launch of the FoodTech 500.

Quick historical pitch

Forward Fooding started as an investment platform within food and food tech startups. They enable large companies to collaborate with startups. You can say that is was a collaborative platform, which scout startups. The large companies were interested in those food startups for R&D and open innovation. In this way, they foster their innovation agenda. After a time they realized that it was useful to get a data intelligent mapping off all relevant stakeholders in the agro-food ecosystem.

  • Mapping out relevant startup companies for their corporation
  • Building collective data intelligence
  • Identifying up and coming innovation trends.

1. A data intelligence enabler

The main problem of the corporates: they don’t know to keep up with all innovations. The Food Navigator proposed a product that was more than just a data platform: a data intelligence enabler. The corporate partners see Forward Fooding as an enabler which feeds data to their data platform. So they can identify companies they would like to engaging with for innovation. DataScouts took the data, which was already stored, added additional data sources and turned it into a platform.
The AgroFood ecosystem is broad: from Agrotech ( eg robotics to harvest) over food-delivery and new ingredients. Forward Fooding decided to collect data from different collaborators all over the world. They put themself as “the place to be” for information about the agro food industry. Food Data Navigator helps partners to harvest collective intelligence. To realize this, it is really important to spend extra time on the right taxonomy. The taxonomy creates the extra value for your customers.

Tip: “Decide which taxonomy you will use and look for the flexibility to tweak the taxonomy, so the customer takes it on line with his needs.”

Forward fooding showcase DataScouts towards Clients on the following ways:

  • How to build a portfolio based access of interest ( acceleration/ incubation)
  • How to use DataScouts as a knowledge base to stay ahead of your industry. ( eg by building personalized newsfeeds corporates)
  • How to use DataScouts as a market intelligence platform

2. Campaign: Foodtech 500

The idea was to showcase a list F500 for agrofood companies. Corporates don’t have a clear view of the front runners ( scale-ups). The clients are not sure which companies they should engage. They used the Food Navigator’s data to build the ranking.
There are two main purposes.

  • Rize awareness: rank 500 most innovative companies in the world.
  • Showcase access to the same dataset if prospects subscribe to the platform. Help them to rank business, based on what is relevant for them.

2.1.Strategy of the campaign

They organized a competition for startups. There was an application form to fill in, an easy way to collect extra data. In this way, they benchmark the best foodtech companies. At the end of september, they got 200 reactions, which feed their dataset.
Large companies like to be associated as “startup friendly” or “innovation supportive”. Next year the willingness to sponsor the list F500 will increase. The aim was to raise awareness of the sector and feed data to the Food Navigator. This increases the membres list and allows making more and more relevant connections. And after all, this is their core business.

3. Key learnings.

The foodtech 500 campaign was a great strategy because:

  • It shows the expertise of Forward Fooding to the world. Forward fooding is “the place about food and foodtech”.
  • They got new data, improved data thanks to the competition and application.
  • They get a view on generation potentials customers who will help you grow in the future.

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