Mapping of Creative Ecosystem in Brussels


Brussels Creative  is a bottom-up movement embracing like-minded makers, creative individuals, (tech & creative) entrepreneurs, researchers. All stakeholders join forces to make Brussels a hot spot for crossover innovation and a vibrant trans-disciplinary creative ecosystem fostering  open innovation.

Mapping the Brussels Creative Ecosystem will continuously measure the impact of the Creative & Cultural Industries on socio-economic welfare and urban innovation.


Around the world creative ecosystems, read formal and informal communities of creative, entrepreneurial people, are emerging. They gather to test new ideas, join into ventures and kickstart the global economy. Gathered in a diverse set of urban “tribes”, they are creating new jobs and opportunities in difficult times. They do this not only by developing and improving products and services on their own but also enriching and revitalising existing socio-economic activities in their environment.

The digital transition of societies, which is rapidly taking place at a global level, provides these communities with opportunities that can boost this movement even more. These new communities form hubs which allow allies to connect and find support and investment. These creative ecosystems may take many forms, from ‘makerspaces’ to labs to clusters, but they all share a commitment to contributing to a better future.

Mapping and sustaining a creative ecosystem
Mapping the connections of an ecosystem


The initial objective is to gain insights in the Creative & Cultural Industries in Brussels Capital Region, to map the parties that are actively involved and contribute to developing a vibrant creative ecosystem. Create a representative overview of urban innovators, grass root organizations, (fab)labs & (maker)spaces which play an enabling role in terms of urban innovation in Brussels.

The mapping aims to provide facts and figures that can serve as input to develop a fact-based action plan to boost the competitiveness of the CCI in Brussels and to define some key performance indicators to continuously monitor the evolution of the ecosystem.


Mapping of the Brussels creative ecosytem

The mapping of an the Brussels creative ecosystem was built bottom up, starting from the hubs, clusters and networks involved in Brussels Creative and collecting information about the service they offer, the entities they cater for as well as the type of relationships between them.

The mapping exercise is resulting in daily new discoveries of amazing projects and extraordinary spaces.

Everyone is invited to find and claim himself or herself on the map and keep the information relevant and correct!

Visit this vibrant and diverse map today!

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