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Thursday 22 November


Startersfabriek, Ghent


9 AM – 4 PM


€720 excl./person

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Ingrid Willems
CEO and CO-Founder DataScouts



You'll find answers to following questions during

Business case: 

Startup WhereWeFly is a drone company. They exist 1,5 year and created a tracking app for drones and have their own drone prototype.

→ Who are their competitors? Direct/indirect?

→ Who are their potential customers?

→ Who are their potential partners?

→ Can their partners and customers be competitors?

→ Can their competitors become partners or customers?

For who is Competitive Intelligence?

→ which companies benefit from competitive intelligence?

→ Which parts of the companies are involved?

→ Is it part of your culture, processes, …?

Guest speaker: bussiness case

→ Which information you track?

→ What are your sources?

→ Which tools do you use?

→ What is the output?

→ What do you do with the output?

→ Who gets access to the output? What do you communicate to the rest of the team?

→ How much time you invest in it? What is the ROI?

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