Open Summer of Code: Social Media Aggregator

Last week wasn’t only the end of July, for almost 40 Belgian students it also marked the end of their Summer of code. We were a proud partner of this amazing program.

What is OSOC?

Open Summer of Code is a 4-week summer programme in July. The goal: provide Belgian based students the training, network and support necessary to transform open innovation projects into powerful real-world services.

We see this program as a great opportunity to interact with students and let them experience how they can transform their knowledge in a real life project.


DataScouts is a Marketing & Competitive Intelligence Platform that allows to continuously monitor the stakeholders in a business ecosystem. Datascouts helps business developers and ecosystem leads to stay informed about trends, innovations and emerging technologies.

The social media aggregator

We invited the OSOC students to build an open engine to aggregate and visualise multiple social media streams of companies and brands. Basically an entry level DataScouts to monitor an ecosystem, to stay in touch with the stakeholders and see what they are thinking and sharing with the world.

The three students, David Adegon, Ismail Ktulu and Maxime Van Driessche, created The Social Media Aggregator under the guidance of their coaches Xavier Bertels and Miet Claes. Jan Vansteenlandt provided feedback and support to complete the project.

The Social Media Aggregator creates a waterfall of social media posts which can easily be filtered on keywords, hashtags and handles. You can even mute the handles you are less interested in.

The trio started from scratch and did an amazing job in creating a working prototype. Great work guys!

The students present their work

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