Collect company data from multiple sources, unify, enrich and aggregate  in a systematic way.


Aggregate data from multiple sources and tools to build market and competitive intelligence
Automate the data gathering process and strive towards collective intelligence.


Every business is unique, and so is the wording you use. Define your use case specific taxonomy describing your target industry, emerging technologies, specific activities, application domains and skills. 

EASY Data Upload

Easily import existing lists of relevant stakeholders via a dynamic google spreadsheet. Automatic de-duplication, and zombie-alerts. Enrichment based upon unique identifiers, such as website and social handles. 

Automatic cleaning

DataScouts offers automated workflow for gathering information from multiple data sources and for unifying data along pre-set formats. Improve data quality, without losing control over your data.


Easily connect 3rd party tools (e.g. CRM / marketing automation / survey tool / news aggregator) via REST APIs. Leverage DataScouts as smart data aggregation and enrichment platform. 

Data Catalogue

DataScouts enables enrichment with 3rd party data bases, completing each company profile with registry information, investor information, digital metrics, publications, patents, vacancies, and enabling connections.

AI-enabled suggestions

DataScouts extracts relevant information from websites, social media or articles. Using natural language processing, DataScouts suggests most relevant classification.


Test DataScouts to map and monitor your business environment. 
Uncover opportunities, trends and strategic partnerships.

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