Release Note – April 2020

We hope you are keeping well in those weird times. While market watch might not be your first priority at this moment, the DataScouts team under COVID-19 lock-down has continued improving the product.

Look at the latest features that will help your automate your market watch and stay ahead of your market.

Quicker navigation

DataScouts offers a wide range of interconnected and interactive functionality in order to provide you a 360° view of what is happening in your business ecosystem.

In order to help you navigate the application faster, we have updated the navigation, to show you all options at once.

Quicker Navigation

The main building blocks of DataScouts are

  • the directory of relevant stakeholders, i.e. companies, individuals and related communities, presented in a list view, on a map or a gallery
  • the knowledge base combining newsfeeds, announcements and all gathered content
  • the interactive dashboards to visualise and analyse the dynamics and evolutions of the ecosystem, incl. social media monitoring, connectedness, digital footprint and business size growth

With the April release, we provide more guidance to the navigation and allow you to see all functionality at one glance.

Try it out on one of our public ecosystems!

  • WEARSustain is a public ecosystem, a network of e-pioneers in sustainable wearable technology
  • Our MarTech demo environment, mapping all MarTech companies as listed by ChiefMarTech.

Publication on Portfolios

Portfolios are a powerful concept at DataScouts. A portfolio is a fix selection of stakeholders, which you create via the filters in the directory. By using portfolios you can easily drill down and analyse a specific set of actors.

DataScouts allows organisations to easily share access to the database of stakeholders with team members, ecosystem members and even 3rd parties.

Settings – Permission to publish data based on selected portfolio

Since the April release, ecosystem owners (i.e. super users in DataScouts), can configure what dataset is published by selecting a portfolio of stakeholders. This approach provides more flexibility and thus control of which data is shared.

Set frequency of updating actor information

DataScouts is unique in keeping your company data up to data, by gathering information from multiple data sources. No more manual data crunching but a fully automated stream of fresh information.

As of this release, you have more options to controle if, when and how often DataScouts updates actor information.

Sharing is Caring. Check our upcoming webinars

On April 30 at 10h CET we have a refresher product webinar for DataScouts users.

On May 13 at 10h CET we have a product webinar for new users. Any new owners or team members on board? Invite them to join!

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