Release Note – March 2020

You are completely right to automate market watching! Don’t spend you precious time on creating and manually updating lists of companies. Automate the data workflow to get the full picture! 

Want to ensure your strategy and innovation department is benefiting from all the functionality introduced on DataScouts? Let’s take a walk through the latest features that will help your team stay ahead of your market.

Flexible taxonomy

While DataScouts is a generic Market & Competitive Intelligence platform, the data and the insights are tailored to your specific business environment by implementing a use case specific taxonomy. By defining the taxonomy you describe the industries, technologies, activities, application domains that matter to your business. The taxonomy is the core DNA of your DataScouts configuration.

Flexible Taxonomy Management

As businesses are continuously changing, rapidly growing or adapting to market trends and changing industries, also the taxonomy and the way you look at your market might change overtime.

With the March release, we made the taxonomy feature more flexible and allow you to organize and re-organize your DataScouts configuration more easily. Whether you’re using specific labels to represent activities or expertise, application domains, CRM stages, you can easily organise the taxonomy to reflect your understanding of your market.

With the latest release, changing your taxonomy has reached a next level of automation. Every update of an existing taxonomy is automatically reflected in each and every actor profile and all related portfolios and taxonomy based filters.

More insights to enable more informed business decisions

You do not want to loose time transforming the automatically collected and aggregated data into an excel in order to start your analysis.

MarTech Ecosystem – Dashboard & Country Drill Down

DataScouts comes with a range of interactive dashboard to get the full picture right away and zoom in to your favourite company portfolios, specific geographical regions or industries that attract your attention.

Advanced Filters – Employee Size

Besides visualising results on the most granular city and even ZIP-code level, we added the country view. Drill down on a country by country level in all other graphs.

You might like to understand the relationship between company size and specific trends in your market. Use the employee size as a filter to easily segment your portfolio of companies in small-, medium- or large-sized companies.

Learn more about advanced filters in DataScouts.

More user guidance and interaction

As part of our effort to increase user guidance, you will notice some new tooltips on the buttons on the homepage. Learn more about the DataScouts public homepage.

We supported the uptake of the announcements, increasing the main space of the latest announcement and adding a carousel to scroll through the other 5 latest announcements. Learn more about the announcements on DataScouts.

Sharing is Caring. Check our upcoming webinars

Next Wednesday (11/3/2020) at 10h CET we have a product webinar for new users. Any new owners or team members on board? Invite them to join!

The next Knowledge Sharing Session will be hosted by Tech For Good France. On 25/3 (11 am CET), Jessica will share best practices, tips and tricks. You cannot miss it! Subscribe now.

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