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Release Note – October 2020

How do you keep track of news and publications that are relevant to your business amid the continuous flow of popular news on COVID-19, the US elections or the BREXIT.

News Monitoring is an important instrument to keep track of market trends, business opportunities and risks. Many companies are forced to intensify their transformation towards a more digital and sustainable future. Innovation, ecosystem thinking, market accurate market insights and understanding plausible scenarios of the future are high on the strategic agenda of many companies.

We used the momentum to further develop the DataScouts Market & Competitive Intelligence platform. In the coming months you can expect a sequence of new releases to provide relevant market insights by building and tapping into collective intelligence.

Look at the latest updated features that will help your automate your market research and stay ahead of your market.

News Monitoring

Mapping, profiling and monitoring stakeholders is the kernel of the DataScouts platform. Our data aggregation engine collects and connects data from multiple data sources. The static profiles are translated into continuously updated profiles by adding social media and RSS-feeds. Our classification algorithm uses the structured and unstructured data to identify the target industry, activities and applied technologies and to build a custom score to rank and segment all actors.

In order to get a full picture of what is happening in your industry or business environment, we enhanced the platform with a News Monitoring service. It means that the admin of the platform can set up a continuous monitor 30k news outlets for relevant news on the most relevant market, industry or technology trends.

The setup is really simple:

  • describe in free text and by using keywords the monitoring scope
  • activate the news monitoring and let the engine fetch an initial sample of articles that match your scope
  • provide the engine valuable feedback by manually tagging the most relevant news articles
  • publish the topics and allow Team Members & Ecosystem Members to subscribe to the News Monitoring Service

Try it out on our public demo ecosystem. Have a look at the MarTech demo environment, check the news feeds and subscribe to receive a personalised email with the latest relevant news on

You find herebelow 2 video’s presenting the News Monitoring Service

  • Setup of the News Monitoring Service
  • Receiving a Personalised News Feed

With the release of the Monitoring feature, there is a new template of the homepage. You can make News Monitoring available on the homepage.

Further Enhancements

We have added a series of smaller product enhancement

  1. We have upgraded the actor profiling. We improved the workflow to gather contact information, digital & social media handles from the companies’ website.
  2. We improved the competitive scoring and added Instragram metrics and SEA keywords to the digital footprint.
  3. You find a new Support section directly accessible via the platform, via the ?-button in top navigation. You can reach the DataScouts FAQs via this button. Moreover you can send us your feedback with a snapshot of your screen in one go. You feedback is valuable to us, please help us continuously improve the platform and your experience.
  4. We have corrected the product section and the way we present products on the actor pages. This way, we hope to provide products more visibility on the DataScouts platform.
  5. We moved all vacancies and all patents to the knowledge base in order to provide more advanced content analysis on those resources. Click on “view all patents” on the companies’ info tab or go directly to the knowledge base, filter on patents and the company you are interested in.

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