business developement

Companies that match their business development strategy to market trends achieve higher return on investment.


Business Development is the art of identifying opportunities, turning them into business and implementing growth strategies

  • You conduct research to identify new markets and customer needs.
  • You drive sustainable business growth by boosting sales.
  • You invest in building strong relationships with clients and partners.

LOOKING FOR TOOLS for business development?

Outside-in cycle diagram


  • Spot trends early, find relevant innovations and discover emerging markets & technologies
  • Keep track of your partners, customers and other stakeholders
  • Be aware of what’s happening in your environment
  • Capture market and competitive information 
  • Drive company growth and sales efficiency




You are looking to build a fully automated marketing workflow, validating the interest of leads and converting them into customers, users and ambassadors in a very systematic way.

  • Provide a continuous stream of fresh leads, i.e. companies and contacts.
  • Automatically enrich, profile and score the companies based upon a set of predefined parameters, contact details, location, sector, activities and size of each company.
  • Based upon the pre-defined scoring, create portfolios of leads to be contacted.
  • Develop a learning algorithm to improve the scoring and thus the segmentation of the lead and prospect database based upon succesful conversion.

  • DataScouts is designed to develop an automated sales enabling workflow to:

  • turn a list of company names into a clean list of augmented, scored and ranked company profiles
  • detect and add new companies mentioned within the existing ecosystem (i.e. scouting agent)
  • easily upload or fetch additional lists of companies to the ecosystem (i.e. portfolio agent)
  • Competitive Intelligence

    You need to know your competitors and what happens in your market. Use DataScouts to create clarity about everything that moves around your business. 

  • Map your competitive landscape and get a clear overview of your position in the market.
  • Analyze your growth by scoring and ranking your competitors
  • Be the first to detect what's new in your business environment

    You need to be one step ahead of your competitor. DataScouts helps you with finding out how your competitors evolve. Discover their strengths and weaknesses to focus on your competitive advantages, and move ahead!

  • Create speed by anticipating on market trends and emerging technologies in a fast and easy way
  • Discover the attractiveness of current markets and compare it with possible future markets 
  • Find most importing topics, trending events, key influencers that we can extract from all the actors in the ecosystem.

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