Discover emerging technologies and promising innovations

Innovation Watching and Tech ScoutinG

  • Today’s business environments are more diverse, dynamic and less predictable than ever
  • Bringing the outside in allows to discover emerging technologies and promising innovations
  • Collaboration with innovators leads to the discovery of totally new concepts, ideas and technologies

Looking for data, tools and processes to streamline your open innovation initiatives?


Successful innovation requires to conduct research inside and outside your industry. 

  • Map relevant stakeholders¬†incl. startups, technology providers, enablers, key opinion leaders, researchers etc.
  • Gain insights in emerging technologies, and key market trends
  • Discover signals of disruption and opportunities for growth.
  • Inspire your organization with new concepts, future scenarios and novel business models.

Datascouts PLATFORM


Define the innovation space. Specify use cases that are relevant to your business.

  • Develop a directory of stakeholders and key opinion leaders
  • Build a central database of publications, market reports, articles, e.a.
  • Score technology providers against the criteria for successful innovation

    Companies that understand their business environment, realise significantly better returns. Develop and execute an innovation strategy that matches the dynamics of your market.


    The one constant in business is that things are always changing. Company data and market insights are quickly outdated.

  • Setup an automated workflow to collect market data in an systematic way
  • Automate the data collection, cleansing and aggregation process
  • Implement automatic alerts for key business events.

    Automate repetitive tasks such as the crunching of data. Spend more time on the analysis. Your added value is in translating the insights into concrete actions.

    Colleagues at all levels in your organisation are involved in the innovation process. They meet interesting companies at events and come across relevant reports and publications.

  • Invite colleague to contribute to the process of innovation watching and technology scouting.
  • Provide a collaborative workflow to build a central knowledge base
  • Establish a structured process to capture individual notes and scores

    Developing collective intelligence provides your organisation the means to stay in sync and move fast.
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