Ecosystem Thinking

Create new ways to effectively collaborate by sharing insights, skills, and knowledge


  • Dynamic business networks emerge around new technologies, social and environmental challenges
  • Companies collaborate to develop unique products and services and a supreme user experience
  • Joint propositions allow companies to strengthen their competitive position, to grow sales and to survive
  • A culture of trust and collaboration allows ideas, talent, and capital to flow throughout the system.



  • Map all stakeholders active in the ecosystem
  • Gain insights in what matters to the stakeholders, what knowledge, resources and insights they need to succeed
  • Develop collective intelligence re. relevant stakeholdersemerging technologiesmarket trends and novel business models.
  • Identify potential business opportunities and facilitate matchmaking

Ecosystems play a key role in tackling the challenges of cities. A city is too large and complex to put all players in one ecosystem. Therefore Smart Cities focus on understanding, activating, integrating, serving meaningful ecosystems aimed at a specific needs. It requires the right infrastructure, tools and methodology to get to know the stakeholders, their needs and objectives – Vlerick

The essence of an entrepreneurial ecosystem is its people and the culture of trust and collaboration that allows them to interact successfully. An ecosystem that allows for the fast flow of talent, information, and resources helps entrepreneurs quickly find what they need at each stage of growth. As a result, the whole is greater than the sum of its separate parts. – Kaufmann foundation



First of all, you want to get to know the players in the ecosystem, their respective needs and objectives.

  • Map the stakeholders and key opinion leaders that are relevant toward achieving a common goal
  • Provide a directory of relevant stakeholders and experts that is up to date
  • Invite stakeholders to register, to claim and maintain their company profile, to share information about their company, their expertise, the projects they are working on

  • Ecosystem builders who understand the dynamics of their ecosystem and are able to connect the dots, achieve significantly more impact for each of their stakeholders.


    No matter which technology, societal or environmental challenge or geographic location your ecosystem focuses on, the one constant is that things are always changing. Data and insights are quickly outdated. DataScouts helps to keep the information up to date.

  • Invite stakeholders to maintain their company profile and add interesting publications, videos, and other resources
  • Use the message board to announce events, vacancies and new projects
  • Aggregate news feeds and social media of stakeholders and build a live feed of what is happening in the ecosystem
  • Gather public information about stakeholders, the topics they are communicating about, the events they are attending, the connections & interactions with other stakeholders.
  • Automatically send regular newsletters to keep your stakeholders informed

    By automating the information gathering process and inviting your stakeholders to contribute, you gain unique insights that can be leveraged by the community. It provides you a unique proposition to stimulate interaction and ensure impact.

    The capacity of an ecosystem to create and serve markets goes beyond that of any one firm or any single traditional industry. Its diversity and collective capability to jointly learn, adapt and innovate are important factors towards long-term success.
    DataScouts helps to build collective intelligence beyond the borders of a single organisation

  • Leverage a wide range of interactive dashboards reflecting the dynamics of your ecosystem
  • Filter, drill down and build lists, maps and dashboards to analyse the ecosystem
  • Easily benchmark portfolios of similar companies
  • Share portfolios of relevant companies and curated data sets with 3rd parties

  • DataScouts enables collaboration, community building and knowledge sharing among multiple organisations, individuals and consortium partners in a flexible way. Building and tapping into collective intelligence provides stakeholders the means to cross the boundaries of their own organization.

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