Startup Scouting and Tracking for InQbet Campus by P&G

Inqbet Innovation Campus at Procter & Gamble

InQbet is P&G’s powerhouse accelerator to connect with startups, corporates and research partners. Innovation is all about providing extra consumer value by combining insights with technical expertise. Active partnerships provide insights, expertise and technologies which help P&G delight consumers and improve their lives.

P&G was founded over 180 years ago as a simple soap and candle company. Today, P&G is the world’s largest consumer goods company and home to iconic, trusted brands that make life a little bit easier in small but meaningful ways. They have spanned three centuries thanks to three simple ideas: leadership, innovation and citizenship.


The InQbet team is continuously scouting for relevant Europe-based startups to collaborate with P&G and their partners on a multitude of innovation & sustainability challenges, product improvements as well as solutions to optimize the customer journey. P&G organises regular hackatons and co-creation session in their Brussels Innovation Center.

The startup scouting and tracking is time-consuming. InQbet has built a strong network of partners, a growing contact database of startups they engaged with during events and conferences. They use a multitude of startup directories and they make extensively use of Google to uncover the hidden gems, relevant early-stage startups engaged in developing technology to solve a specific use-case.

InQbet was looking for a more streamlined workflow for startup scouting and tracking, to get a more full picture of the European startup ecosystem and identify the most relevant technologies, the most promising application domains and the ultimately the most suitable technology provides to collaborate with.

InQbet Campus @ P&G

InQbet is providing both a physical (office space) and virtual network (growth & development program) in partnership with Workero at their Brussels Innovation Center.

Datascouts is proud to be one of the 1st startups joining the InQBet Campus at P&G, open for business and co-creation with startups and external partners. 

In addition to the 1-week services from InQbet, Datascouts is offering scouting/searching capability

1 week to launch - InQbet Campus @ P&G

DataScouts Exploration & Monitoring Platform

  1. The InQbet team defines together with the business a research agenda. They define a continuously updated list of challenges to improve or even completely reinvent every aspect of their business: innovation, brand building, supply chain, digitization and data analytics. Inspiration comes from the needs, values, desires, and passions of customers, employees and partners.
  2. The DataScouts Exploration platform is used by P&G data analysts as well as the DataScouts team dedicated to this project to build a knowledge base around each of the selected challenges and develop a short list of relevant startups and scaleups that offer the right skill set, technology, algorithms to co-develop an innovative solution.
  3. The DataScouts Monitoring platform helps to keep track of the startups and scale-ups that engaged in the open-innovation activities and contribute to the ever growing P&G innovation ecosystem. The collaborative platform allows to keep the data base up to date by continuously sensing for new information and updating a profile as soon as new relevant information is available, such as a new product release, a partnership or a funding round.
Startup Scouting - Technology Landscape
Inqbet Startup Scouting Platform


The main benefit of using DataScouts for Startup Scouting and Startup Tracking is a substantial gain in efficiency by using an AI-enabled workflow to facilitate the scouting process and to develop a complete picture of the technology landscape for very specific challenges. The federated search across multiple data bases and information sources allows to uncover the hidden gems in the European startup ecosystem.

DataScouts Robot

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DataScouts helps to gain situational awareness. Instant insights combined with systematic market and competitive intelligence provide the fundament for sustainable growth and a stronger market position.

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