Student Job - Business Consultant

You are a dynamic and strategic business consultant with a high interest for business analysis. You are eager to learn, to develop and improve your current skill set. You look forward to working at a tech start-up as it will drive you to show the best of yourself. You like to deal with challenging business questions, to analyse trends, to connect the dots and deliver actionable insights for companies.

Are you looking for a student job in a fast moving environment and seeking for a challenge? In that case we would really like to talk to you as we are looking to strengthen the DataScouts team! As a business consultant you will help our clients in analysing their competitive landscape, discovering market trends,emerging technologies and advice our clients to stay front runners in their business. You’ll work on projects using DataScouts, our tool to build awareness about what matters for a company to stay relevant and grow sustainably.

Location: Ghent, Belgium

Your Role:

  • You think on a strategic level with our clients
  • You are data-driven, you use data to provide reports and insights
  • You are a problem solver and critical thinker
  • You are well organised and capable of working independently
  • You are an expert in uncovering  trends, hidden patterns and emerging opportunities
  • You have a high interest for all things digital
  • You are an excellent listener, capable to translate our clients needs and targets  in a valuable strategy

Your profile:

  • You have a high interest for business analysis and strategic marketing
  • You’re open-minded and you thrive by sharing your ideas with like-minded colleagues
  • You’re a pragmatic thinker, a goal-oriented do-er
  • You want to learn and see this as valuable experience during your studies
  • You are an enthusiastic and optimistic person with a “can do” mentality
  • You read, write and speak English fluently and you are a good communicator.
  • Masses of data don’t scare you, they stimulate you.

Why you should join us?

We’re a fast growing company with plenty of opportunity to learn a lot. We like to hire professionals and don’t like to micromanage so you should be able to manage your own work alone while working as a team. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, get excited about finding smarter ways to do things, and have a burning desire to be part of a young and dynamic team where you can truly make a difference, we want to meet you.

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