Why DataScouts is the right Innovation Management tool

DataScouts is an ideal scouting, portfolio innovation management tool for Innovation Managers & Business Developers to manage the process and monitor the progress of ongoing innovation tracks. Figure out why.

Innovation managers are overloaded with data, news articles and input from others. Yet you want to be aware of what’s happening in your environment and spot trends early. That is why DataScouts, an AI-enabled collective intelligence platform, is the right tool for you. It is specifically developed to help companies to think ahead and move fast. Discover the 4 key benefits to practice innovation management :

  • Collaborative
  • Transparent
  • Automatic
  • Systematic


Employees at all levels in an organisation and across all steps of the customer value chain come across relevant market information, data and news. It’s hard to turn the individual information into common understanding and a joint action plan. Work collaborative on a common database to have your “one version of the truth”. You can give people access and let them contribute, but you don’t have to give them full rights on the whole database. With our different user roles you decide who gets to see and edit what.

The information can be stored in the detailed company profiles. They are enriched automatically, but you can adapt them or add extra information. Next to that you can add reporting or notes to the companies you want to follow it. It allows you to score the companies (f.i. on strategic fit) and see their progress month after month. 

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Roche Diabetes Care uses DataScouts as market intelligence platform to analyse and monitor companies around the world providing solutions for everything related to Diabetes. The platform is used to create transparency and increase information sharing across divisions and countries.”


DataScouts provides the same level of information to all involved parties. It builds situational awareness through your organisation and helps to make innovation management easier. Users can easily build ad-hoc analysis and visualisation on your database including all relevant actors of your business ecosystem. In the three directories (list, gallery and map view) you can easily apply advanced filters. These same filters you can use through the whole tool. They are especially useful in the analytics dashboard. In this dashboards you have multiple graphs available showing you all kind of instant insights in histograms (f.i. ‘how much capital has been raised over time?’) and bar charts (f.i. ‘how many people are employed in the companies’)  


We keep an eye on all the companies you are interested in and systematically monitor them. We add news, social media posts, reports,… and with the help of machine learning we analyse the buzz and highlight main trends and insights. Moreover you can score your actors against KPIs that matter to your business such as our Business Size score and Digital Footprint score.

Stay informed about breaking news and trends in your ecosystem with our personalised homepage. Based on your favourite portfolios we show you the most relevant and latest info. If you want to take it to the next level, you can even integrate with your Slack channel. We then send you a message every time there is a new significant change: for example a new funding round, an increase/decrease of employees, …

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DataScouts is a powerful tool for Innovation Bankers at ING, an extension of their internal CRM system. DataScouts provides up to data company profiles and an ad-hoc segmentation predicting growth based upon a wide range of data points and digital metrics.”


With the portfolios you can cluster to the companies and people which are the most relevant for you. This segmenting makes it easier for you to focus on the most important insights for innovation management, but still keep the bigger picture. Moreover you can track the evolution of your portfolios in the funnel graph. You clearly see how your segment is evolving through the different funnel steps month after month.

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Prefer to contact a human being? Contact us at natan.debie@datascouts.eu

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Prefer to contact a human being? Contact us at natan.debie@datascouts.eu