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Our Market & Competitive Intelligence platform makes it easy to map stakeholders, explore market trends and discover opportunities

Stay ahead of your market

Be prepared to navigate a fast changing and thus less predictable business environment. 
Leverage data and build use case specific market & competitive intelligence. Systematically exploring and monitoring your business environment, provides you the full picture of relevant stakeholders, market trends and emerging technologies. 

3 Products of DataScouts

Market Analysis made simple.​

Define Research Scope

Define your use case, the research scope and the context in which you are operating. Set up a use case specific taxonomy to gather relevant insights. 

Map Stakeholders

Map the relevant stakeholders in your business ecosystem. Identify key players along the value chain and  uncover the surrounding ecosystem.

Automate data collection

Tap into a growing catalogue of company directories, data sources and news outlets to gather information that is relevant to your specific use case.

Monitor Continuosly

Aggregate, unify, integrate data from multiple sources in an automated way about companies, technologies and market trends that matter to your business.

Gain Valuable Insights

Gain powerful insights through interactive data visualisations tailored to your and/or your stakeholder’s needs.

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Colruyt Group
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ESG - European Spinning Group
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