See the Big Picture and Make Better Decisions

DataScouts helps you gain market insights faster, make better decisions, and stay ahead of the competition.

Market Intelligence Platform

Unlock the Power of AI and Collective Intelligence

DataScouts combines cutting-edge AI technology with the collective knowledge of your organization to deliver comprehensive, context-rich market insights.

Our Platform Enables:

Become the best informed organization in your category

DataScouts delivers the insights you need to drive strategic decision-making, positioning you as the go-to market expert in your organization by (DataScouts) providing:

Stay ahead of your market

Organizations often waste significant time and energy starting research from scratch, whether in-house or with consultants, delaying strategic decision making.

Continuous development of market insights, building upon existing knowledge

See what you’re missing

A narrow and fragmented market view risks missed opportunities and poor decisions. Expand your perspective with a rich, interconnected view that improves decision-making.

With DataScouts, you can:

Enable Your Team to Better Navigate Market Complexity and Make Decisions with Confidence

DataScouts Benefits

Engineered with advanced tools to empower swift market analysis.

Experience the DataScouts Difference

DataScouts enables you to take your market intelligence to new heights, empowering you to continuously monitor your market for a more connected and context rich understanding.

Gain Smart Market Insights, Fast

DataScouts automates data collection and analysis, providing actionable insights that become more accurate and relevant with each use.

Leverage AI Intelligently

Eliminate manual data collection and gain more time for strategic actions. DataScouts' AI automates the heavy lifting, letting you focus on critical decisions.

Tap into Collective Intelligence

Maximize your organization's knowledge with DataScouts. Our collaborative tools dissolve silos, enabling insight sharing and collective intelligence leveraging across your team.

Market Intelligence Capabilities

Evolve your Market Intelligence Platform capabilities with DataScouts. Our platform equips you with the tools to lead the market and make confident, data-driven decisions.

What our clients says?

"Combining a deep understanding of market trends with internal expertise ensures that our scenario exercises are robust and insightful."
Koen De Vos
Director Supply Chain Colruyt Laagste Prijzen
"Utilizing tools allows us to monitor defined scenarios, relevant market segments, and key players, capturing signals that influence our strategic decisions."
Dirk Leemans
Head of Center of Excellence Supply Chain Colruyt Group
"DataScouts focus on industry intelligence to track competitors and industry trends aid in desk research and knowledge sharing, providing monthly snapshots and quarterly reports for continuous market monitoring and insights."
Olivier Lissens
Domain Market Watch, Colruyt Group

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