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Stay ahead of your market

Be prepared to navigate a fast changing and thus less predictable business environment. 
Leverage data and build use case specific market & competitive intelligence. Systematically exploring and monitoring your business environment, provides you the full picture of relevant stakeholders, market trends and emerging technologies. 


Which market and industry trends are impacting your business?
Which innovations and strategic partners could help you accelerate?


How do you measure the impact of long term strategic projects?
How do you build and tap into collective intelligence?

Instant Insights

We connect data to make shift happen and help you stay a front runner in your business. Leverage (f)actual data to gain situational awareness and build strategic agility.


Map the technology landscape and list relevant innovators in the space. Explore the competitive advantages, the uniqueness of their value proposition, potential threats and opportunities. Find valuable startups and technology providers.


Map the competitive landscape. Get an overview of the market readiness, trends and emerging technologies based upon the voice of key opinion leaders, trending topics, events, news, publications and reports.


Map the value chain and provide an overview of relevant parties and how they interrelate. Conduct continuous research to uncover early signals and external triggers to identify business opportunities ahead of your market.


Stakeholder Mapping

Visualise the “ecosystem” within which you work. Analyse actor profiles to understand who your customers, competitors and/or business partners are. Map your competitive landscape, a technology cluster or a smart city in a fast and easy way.

Continuous Sensing

Fast decision making is key to success. Real-time triggers and account scoring based on relevant news articles, vacancies, patent publications e.a. keep you ahead of your competition. 


Use the agents to dive deeper and explore relevant relationships, i.e.founding team, investors, spinoffs. Uncover competitors and look-a-likes.

ACCOUNT Scoring & Segmenting

Monitor the performance of companies that matter to your business. Uncover front runners and rising stars by analysing their digital footprint and business growth

Collective Intelligence

Bring order to the massive amount of information you are collecting about your market.Centralise all articles, reports and videos about the market in one place. Build a knowledge base in no time

Stay informed about News, Case Studies, Product Releases and Ecosystem Strategies

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