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Collect data and unlock collective intelligence across the boundaries of an organisation

Automate workflow for continuous market research and monitoring


In a digitally connected world, a wide range of tools and data is at the disposal of each business. Yet it remains a challenge to deal with the ever growing amount of available data. 

Efficient decision making requires the integration of data, tools and platforms. DataScouts allows to automate the workflow to collect data from multiple sources, to unify, clean and enrich the data and to build use case specific scores and alerts. 

Marketers, Community Managers, Innovation Manager, Strategy officers use DataScouts for business landscaping, ecosystem mapping, competitive analysis. DataScouts allows them to automate recurring data crunching tasks and establish a continuous monitoring of their business environment.  


DataScouts is a collaborative platform that allows to automate market research and market monitoring; DataScouts is developed and comericalized by WCD 

WCD helps organisations navigate today’s fast changing and thus less predictable business environment. 

Access to (f)actual information leads to smarter business decisions. We therefore encourage organisations to systematically collect data, to establish data-driven business processes and to embrace collaborative platforms.

Values driving open innovation


We are open-minded, open to new ideas, new thoughts, new people and new ways of working. We are explorers, curious and eager to discover and explore new things. We love to engage with other people in conversation. We seek feedback and welcome people who challenge our ideas. This is the way we learn.

We are open and honest about who we are. There is no façade, nothing to hide, no keeping up appearances – what you see is what you get! We are authentic, outspoken, explicit. We share what we are working on, as well as our learnings and failures. We like to make it easy for people to find us and to connect with us. Transparency breeds trust, and trust is the foundation of great teamwork.

We like to take action, to make shift happen and we do not fear bold decisions in order to move things forward. We enjoy experimenting and trying out new things! We are doers, who focus on solutions rather than problems!

We are just humans, experts in our domains and confident about who we are, but we do not let ego’s get in the way. We show commitment and we prefer to collaborate with others. We make the effort to listen, to understand other perspectives and circumstances, although we might not agree. We are curious and have the desire to know and understand others.

We are entrepreneurs, dreamers, innovators and change makers. We approach the world and all we do with creativity, passion, energy, imagination and humor. We leverage our ability to find hidden patterns, to make connections between seemingly unrelated phenomena, and to create innovative solutions. We iterate between thinking and making and turn new ideas into reality.

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