DataScouts enables its customers to build and leverage their competitive advantage and to stay front runners in their business.

Who are we?

We’re a team of nine talented people living and working in Belgium & Portugal. We’re a young and fast developing company with the ambition to build an inclusive workplace, a working environment that values the individuality, embraces diversity of backgrounds and perspectives, and encourages innovation, creativity and contribution.

DataScouts thrives through collaboration, open communication and shared accountability. At DataScouts, we are committed to make everybody feel valued, integrated and heard.


Ingrid Willems
Jan Vansteenlandt
Bart Frison
Natan De Bie
Natan De Bie
Riemer Vandepitte
Edgar Diaz
Emeline Martin
Tasneem Akhthar


In a digitally connected world, a broad range of tools and data is at the disposal of each business owner, yet it is still a challenge for businesses to deal with the ever growing amount of available data. In order to gain actionable insights in the market in which they are operating, the key is to leverage the shared knowledge of their ecosystem and streamline the processes important to their operational environment. The time is now to market with efficient decision making, which requires the integration of data, tools and platforms in order to make sense of the wealth of data businesses own or have access to.

Since 2016, DataScouts is on a mission to unlock collective intelligence within organisation and across the boundaries those who are interconnected. DataScouts enables these organisations, business ecosystems, as well as the dynamic and co-evolving communities of diverse actors, to create and capture new value through increasingly sophisticated models of both collaboration and competition.


We are open-minded, open to new ideas, new thoughts, new people and new ways of working. We are explorers, curious and eager to discover and explore new things. We love to engage with other people in conversation. We seek feedback and welcome people who challenge our ideas. This is the way we learn.

We are open and honest about who we are. There is no façade, nothing to hide, no keeping up appearances – what you see is what you get! 

We are authentic, outspoken, explicit. We share what we are working on, as well as our learnings and failures.

We like to make it easy for people to find us and to connect with us. Transparency breeds trust, and trust is the foundation of great teamwork.

We like to take action, to make shift happen and we do not fear bold decisions in order to move things forward. 

We enjoy experimenting and trying out new things! We are doers, who focus on solutions rather than problems!


We are just humans, experts in our domains and confident about who we are, but we do not let ego’s get in the way. We show commitment and we prefer to collaborate with others. 

We make the effort to listen, to understand other perspectives and circumstances, although we might not agree. We are curious and have the desire to know and understand others.

We are entrepreneurs, dreamers, innovators and change makers. We approach the world and all we do with creativity, passion, energy, imagination and humor. 

We leverage our ability to find hidden patterns, to make connections between seemingly unrelated phenomena, and to create innovative solutions.

We iterate between thinking and making and turn new ideas into reality.

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