Engage the community in Building Collective Intelligence

Open innovation ecosystems around the world accelerate innovation by leveraging collective knowledge. They bundle forces to address pressing global challenges. Promoting collaborative solutions facilitates access to new markets and fosters economic growth.

The Ecosystem Builders

Ecosystem builders are connectors, linking diverse stakeholders within the innovation landscape. Their primary role is to instill a culture of trust, collaboration, and openness, setting the tone for fruitful interactions. They foster continuous knowledge exchange through events and platforms. An ecosystem builder not only attracts and retains quality members but also navigates and advocates for their stakeholders in broader contexts. Their network, vision, and ability to create genuine relationships differentiate the best from the rest.

Understand Market Dynamics

Their stakeholders (companies, academia, thought leaders, etc.) are eager to learn about the dynamics in their market, understand the enabling and competitive forces, and find partners and opportunities to collaborate.

Unfortunately, gathering this valuable information is often seen as additional work, the extra mile on top of the daily operational tasks. Lack of resources often leads to procrastination and thus never actually happens.

The Opportunity

This is where the added value of ecosystem builders comes into play.  Ecosystem builders already have the full picture, a nicely curated list of all relevant actors with all relevant data points, ideally automatically generated using a platform such as DataScouts that combines data from different sources and classifies each actor along different segmentation criteria, such as the type of organization, their growth stage, target industries, and applied technologies.

To really add value to their members, Ecosystem Builders prepare the information to share what is valuable to meet specific business needs and foster collaboration between different actors who have different expectations, interests and capabilities.

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Ellie.Connect, an open innovation platform connecting the sustainable textile industry, offers its members, based on their profile, access to a range of topic-based spotting areas.

DataScouts Spotting Areas

DataScouts recently launched fully configurable Spotting Areas that allow ecosystem builders to easily create subsets of their broad knowledge base and provide tailored access per user group.

Ecosystem builders can configure public spotting areas that are freely accessible for all visitors, available upon subscription, or fully dedicated on an invitation-only basis. This motivates ecosystem builders to create Spotting Areas and share data strategically.

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