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In just 5 expert email sessions, you’ll get perspective shifting, actionable insights to help you do better work and make more confident decisions.

You’ll also learn how to avoid the key hidden issue that’s hurting your work.

Market Intelligence Platform

Drowning in Data?

You’re under pressure to deliver precise, actionable insights. Yet, you’re constantly battling data overload, struggling to connect the dots, and fearing that you’re missing crucial insights.

You find yourself…

These struggles lead to Market Myopia.

This narrow, fragmented view of your market can result in:

And the consequences don't stop there.

Market Myopia means your entire organization suffers:

But what if you could overcome these challenges and transform your market intelligence capabilities?

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Learn how AI-enabled market intelligence can help you break free from Market Myopia and achieve the Context Clarity needed to become a true market intelligence rockstar.

This is what you will learn over the 5 x 10 min sessions:

Day 1:
Understanding Market Myopia and its surprising impact on your work

Day 2:
The three hidden causes of fragmented market views (and why they’re so common)

Day 3:
How to recognize the subtle symptoms of Market Myopia in your organization

Day 4:
Unlocking the power of Context Clarity for comprehensive market insights

Day 5:
A practical framework to implement long-term market intelligence success

Upon completion you'll get a certificate and a 50% discount on new DataScouts training sessions

Why do this FREE expert training?

By the end of this transformative course, you’ll be able to:

Market Myopia Detection

Recognize the warning signs and impacts of fragmented market views

Root Cause Awareness

Identify the key factors causing limited market perspectives in your work

Symptom Recognition

Spot subtle indicators of Market Myopia within your organization

Context Clarity Mastery

Harness diverse data and ecosystem thinking for comprehensive insights

Action Framework

Implement practical tools and techniques for long-term market intelligence success

What do our clients say?

"Combining a deep understanding of market trends with internal expertise ensures that our scenario exercises are robust and insightful."
Koen De Vos
Director Supply Chain Colruyt Laagste Prijzen
"Utilizing tools allows us to monitor defined scenarios, relevant market segments, and key players, capturing signals that influence our strategic decisions."
Dirk Leemans
Head of Center of Excellence Supply Chain Colruyt Group
"DataScouts focus on industry intelligence to track competitors and industry trends aid in desk research and knowledge sharing, providing monthly snapshots and quarterly reports for continuous market monitoring and insights."
Olivier Lissens
Domain Market Watch, Colruyt Group

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