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Innovation Management

Innovation is happening faster than ever and missing out is more expensive than ever. 

Innovation Managers use DataScouts to gain situational awareness in the technology space. A data-driven approach facilitates technology scouting and innovation watching inside and outside their industry

DataScouts helps to streamline the open innovation process. The platform provides a workflow to gather, score and rank opportunities, relevant use cases, future scenarios, and innovative business models.


For a business to flourish, business development is simply an inevitable ongoing task that demands a lot of energy, dedication, and follow-up.

Business Developers, entrepreneurs and marketers use DataScouts as a solution to screen and understand prospects, competitors and potential business partners. 

DataScouts helps to gain situational awareness. Instant insights combined with systematic market and competitive intelligence provide the fundament for sustainable growth and a stronger market position.

Ecosystem building

The future belongs to ecosystems, networks of companies bundling forces to (re)shape an industry. Together they offer unique products and services and supreme customer experience. They scale far beyond the capacity of every single organisation.

Network and member organisations use DataScouts as a solution to interact with their stakeholders, to share knowledge and build collective intelligence

Datascouts helps to map the value chain and invite stakeholder to contribute to a common goal.  

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