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Do you lack the expertise or simply the time to tackle the vast quantities of data yourself? It’s time to call in our data analysts!

They will work very closely with you and your team to understand your information needs, carry out the necessary analyses and then translate the results into data-driven insights. You will get facts and current information that you can use to ensure your strategic decisions are based on real data.

Technology and
innovation scan.

We filter and select technical developments and innovations that might be interesting for your organisation.

Then, based on parameters we’ve defined with you, we screen over 30,000 news sources for important players and current trends. We’ll create a custom report for you.

Market and

We develop a digital ‘map’ of your prospects, customers, competitors and potential business partners.
We monitor your market regularly and scan for relevant influencers, events, news articles and publications. We keep you up to date with the key changes in your market.
Do you want to take things further? Our experts can also help you with scenario planning starting from a monthly snapshot of all players, their relationships and their market position. Our continuous research enables us to identify market signals and external triggers very quickly (i.e., before your competitors). This means that we can identify new market opportunities at a very early stage.


We are happy to get on board with activating the stakeholders in your ecosystem.
We’ll work with you to develop a communication plan to position the platform in your market, attract new members and help them find interesting partners, events, products and services. We’ll also help you put out open calls and coordinate challenges.
Do you want to take things further? Call on our experts for assistance with analyses of the maturity and dynamics of your ecosystem. Our continuous research means we build up insights about needs and challenges, along with potential solutions already waiting in the ecosystem.


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