Collect information about your market.

The DataScouts Software Platform.

If you want to stay relevant as a business analyst in this rapidly changing world, you need the latest information at your fingertips. Our software uses AI to give you indispensable up-to-the-minute overviews: any time, anywhere.

Multiple ways of using our platforms: are you interested in identifying new technical opportunitiesstrengthening your market position or innovate?

One platform, multiple possibilities

For innovation managers

Discover technology and innovations

Use the DataScouts platform to expand your knowledge about the latest technical developments and innovations in your own sector – and beyond.

Use our workflow solution for a rapid search through a large pool of databases to find relevant cases and innovative business models. Our software can also use artificial intelligence to rank the results based on relevance or using scores that you assign yourself. It’s a data-driven approach that will bring new inspiration to your innovation process and guarantee you sound results.

For business development managers

Explore your market and sector

Use the DataScouts platform to map out, screen and track prospects, customers, competitors and potential business partners.

The data gives you continuous insights to help you identify the new potential that you can exploit in your business. You can also use the information to strengthen your relationships with customers and partners. All in all, this data can be decisive in further establishing your market position and creating a stable foundation for sustainable growth.

For ecosystem thinkers

Facilitate and engage your community

The power of the network: that’s what our crowdsourcing solution is all about. The future is in ecosystems – networks of companies pooling their forces to shape or reinvent their sectors.

As a start-up, network or membership organisation, you can use DataScouts to identify stakeholders, establish contacts and form collaborations. The ultimate goal of the crowdsourcing platform is to harness collective intelligence and join forces to find solutions to business or social issues.

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Do you need extra help?

You may not have people with the skills to make use of the data collected by the platform.

Not to worry: our DataScouts experts will be happy to help. They interpret the data for you and filter information that you can use directly. That means you can get to work immediately to make your company even more future-proof.

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