Author name: Amir Bazrafshan


Understanding What’s Causing Market Myopia

Market Myopia poses a considerable obstacle for businesses, limiting their capacity to adjust, innovate, and expand. Similar to the way myopia affects vision, Market Myopia restricts a company’s view of the business landscape in which they operate, resulting in missed opportunities and vital trends. In this blog, we describe the causes of Market Myopia.


Become a Certified Analist for Market Intelligence

We’re excited to share news about our upcoming online training course, specifically designed to help you become a Certified Market Watcher using our specialized Market Intelligence platform.

As a Market Watcher, you play a crucial role in guiding your organization through the ever-changing business landscape. Our online training equips you with the necessary knowledge and tools to speed up your analysis, all supported by a structured workflow within the tool itself.

We’ll walk you through using our market intelligence platform, providing tools to analyze competitors, understand their strengths and weaknesses, and use their data to make smarter strategic decisions. Additionally, we’ll help you assess market conditions more easily, stay updated on current trends, and enable you to make better recommendations for your organization’s growth. With the assistance of AI, you’ll uncover hidden insights and identify potential blind spots in your Market Analysis.

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